Read This Before Using Red Light Therapy

Before you use red light therapy for photodamage, you should learn how this procedure is done. It’s important that you understand the risks and side effects of using the light treatment, before you undergo it. While the photosensitivity itself may not be serious, you could develop photosensitivity if the discoloration is severe enough.

Read This Before Using Red Light Therapy For Photodamage

The procedure itself is called photodamage and is actually pretty simple. Basically, a machine or instrument is used to break up the discoloration on the skin. In this instance, light is used to destroy the discoloration, rather than treating the discoloration. The process is very similar to the use of lasers, but lasers are used to treat the affected area, rather than just breaking it apart. However, one difference between the two is that lasers can actually reach into the deep layers of the skin, while a photodynamic procedure only penetrates the outer layers. This means that more of the discoloration will be destroyed in the photodynamic process.

While the discoloration may not be immediately visible after the procedure, the more progressed the discoloration will be over time. This is due to the chemical reactions occurring in the treated area. However, it is possible for patients to have lighter than normal yellow tinted skin during the photodynamic procedure. If the yellowing gets too extreme, however, patients can see some benefit from using red light therapy.

Even though there are many common side effects with photodamage, there are also some uncommon ones. These include such things as allergic reactions, numbness and even depression. The severity of the symptoms and their duration will depend on the intensity of the photodamage, which will vary according to the severity of your photoensitivity. Because these side effects are quite serious, patients must absolutely ensure that they are ready to handle any adverse reaction that could occur. If you are considering photodamage, it is important to talk with your doctor to make sure that you will be able to deal with any adverse reactions.

For many people, photodamage is the best choice for diminishing sun spots. There are several steps that can be taken, depending on the severity of your photoensitivity. Some options include tanning lotions, moisturizers, clothing and even laser therapy. In general, these treatments will work well for most people. When you read this before using red light therapy, you will be able to learn more about them and how to treat your photosensitivity.

There are many factors that will affect the results of any photodynamic therapy. Therefore, you should always do your research and only use an experienced doctor. If you suffer from a serious photoensitivity condition, it is important to read this before using red light therapy. Your health and safety are not an option. Be sure to work closely with a doctor that is experienced in treating photoensitivity.

Different Advantages of High Power Led Flood Lights

High powered LED flood lights have become all the rage. Companies such as Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd offer the best LED flood lights out there. They provide a source of bright white light that beam out at different angles. High powered LED flood lights are used in a diverse range of areas such as stadiums, playgrounds, theatres, perimeters of houses and warehouses. These light have many different advantages which users can benefit from, especially when compared to halogen lights, CFL or standard incandescent.

  1. Longevity

The high powered LED flood lights offered by SR lighting last for a very long time and unlike standard bulbs, LEDS are renowned for their long life and durability. On an average, these lights last about 10 times more than fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent lights. Once, the LED flood lights by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd have been installed, there is no need to worry about replacement for a long time. Furthermore, the lights do not die all of sudden when their lifespan is about to end, but they gradually dim which gives ample warning to users that it is time to change the lights.

  1. Energy Friendly

The LED floodlights help eliminate the requirement for frequent light replacements. This helps contribute in the reduction of hazardous waste. Less electricity is consumed by the Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd LED flood lights and they save about 80% electricity costs with the use of an LED flood light. Hence, it is a highly energy-friendly alternative.

  1. Lower Heat Emission

One of the main problems of standard light bulbs is the amount of supplied energy that gets converted to heat and uses the maximum amount of electricity. The heat is then wasted as it dissipates into the surrounding air.  While on the other hand, LED flood lights do not emanate heat and help conserve maximum electricity. These lights are perfect for use in cold storage warehouses as they do not contribute to a rise in temperature.

  1. Reduced Maintenance and Replacement Costs

The high powered LED flood lights offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd are durable, long lasting and tough. This helps save the user a huge amount of effort, time and money. Their bulbs have unbreakable coverings which make them impervious to breakage.

  1. High Safety

SR lighting LED flood lights are one of the safest lighting options out there. The main reason is due to the absence of heat emanation that helps reduce the risk of fire and electrical accidents. Another reason would be the absence of fragile filament. The filament in other lights is easily breakable.

  1. Provide Bright White Light

The white beam light that is produced by the SR lighting LED flood lights is just like daylight. It allows for one to easily see and retrieve items. When they are used in stadiums or outdoor spaces, people would feel like it is day time. Hence, Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd is the best option.


5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas Which Add Style to Your Home

The outdoor area of your home is just as important as the indoor area. It gives people an idea of the type of person you are and helps ensure that you have an outdoor space to spend time. There are different types of lighting options which can cast an enchanting spell on the outdoor area of your home. Besides just illuminating the home, it is vital to add some style to the home and improve home security at the same time.

With an abundance of lighting options in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right light for the backyard and front yard of your home. This post looks at 5 outdoor lighting ideas which will help add style to the home.

  1. Marked Parameters

Outdoor lighting should be next to the walkway as recommended by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd as they help people navigate easily during the night and make the outdoor area appear as more stylish. Now, this does not mean that you should place lots of lighting, but only lighting for market parameters. This helps highlight certain features of the home that one might want to show off such as the plants or unique decorations.

  1. Moon Lighting

Lights can be placed high in the trees to achieve the effect of real moonlight. Experts suggest that these lights should be placed at about 40ft or higher to provide the most natural look possible. In case you decide to opt for the moonlight effect, all of the trees would need to be trimmed in the backyard so that you get to see the lights when outside. Always opt for the trees closest to the walkway.

  1. Fireplace Lighting

It isn’t necessary to get actual lights, one can even consider installing a fireplace, right next to the outdoor sitting area to provide them with all the light that they need and help create an ideal atmosphere for enjoying the environment. It can also help keep them warm during chilly weather.

  1. Garden Lights

Now, anyone that has a beautiful garden in their backyard should show it off. Therefore, add more SR lighting to the garden. There is nothing more perfect than a well-lit garden. It will help showcase all of the plants and make them look magnificent during the night. Besides, they will keep animals away from plants and keep them safe. However, make sure to get the right lights for the garden. There are many garden lighting options offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd.

  1. Dramatic Front Door

Anyone that wants the focus to be on their home should ensure that the front door has dramatic lighting. Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd offers various LED floodlights which look great next to the door and help brighten up the space. Installing LED lights around the entrance would help achieve the effect that you are probably looking for. The lights are some of the most popular and help showcase the home in a better light.

How Can LED Flooding Lighting Enhance Commercial Structure Safety & Beauty

LED flooding lighting or floodlights for short have quickly become popular. They are used for a variety of applications. Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd provides floodlights that are extremely versatile and made for outdoor as well as indoor spaces.

When it comes to enhancing the commercial structure safety or outdoor security of retail buildings without detracting the appearance, LED floodlights by SR lighting are the ultimate solution. They are beautifully designed and provide nighttime illumination that is necessary for helping customers stay safe while enhancing the overall outdoor beauty of the property instead of detracting from it. LED floodlights are the preferred option over other lighting options due to various reasons.

Commercial property owners find LED floodlights to be the superior choice due to the following reasons.

  • Diverse Designs: LED floodlights offer a diverse range of options to choose from. The lights come in a wide range of wattage amounts, sizes and shapes in order to ensure that only the right illumination quality and look is offered. Lower wattage exterior LED floodlights would be preferred by retailers that have shops near well-lit areas as compared to those that have parking areas which are off the beaten path.
  • Energy Savings: Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd floodlights offer users with tremendous energy savings as compared to other sources and they provide just the right amount of output. The LED bulbs used are estimated to consume less than 75 percent of energy than standard bulbs. Furthermore, they even last longer and that ensures they are changed as less often which reduces costs.
  • Enhanced Security: Most of the crimes that are committed are by those people that look for an opportunity to get away with any type of illegal action, whether it is a murder or theft. The exterior LED floodlights provided by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd help ensure that this opportunity is not provided to individuals and make it more difficult for them to hide. This helps protect customers and the property of retailers by simply making the store a much safer place and less attractive option for theft or any other criminal activity.
  • Enhanced Beauty: There is no denying that LED floodlights can even be used to highlight the aesthetically pleasing areas that are at the entrance or outside the business. For instance, many retailers use these to illuminate statues, flower beds or any other visually pleasing feature to allow the store to appear as a more welcoming place. There is also the added bonus of LED outdoor floodlights enhancing the safety and making the space easier for customers to navigate through.


LED floodlights such as the ones made by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd add up to offer a big win for commercial property owners. They are a distinct lighting that enhance the overall safety of the retail location and make it feel more welcoming towards potential customers. Hence, LED floodlights by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd are always a good choice.

Ideal Tips When Shopping For Led Flood Lights

LED flood lights are extremely popular and if you are planning on shopping for them, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. LED is a more efficient option, whether you are installing LED flood lights for the property or want to upgrade the existing floodlights. Buying the right LED flood lights is not as easy as one might think.

There are many companies out there that sell LED flood lights and only some of these are actually worth the money. One of the recommended companies is Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd or SR lighting for short. They offer the most efficient LED flood lights out there which produce minimal heat emission, improve the security and safety of the facility.

Besides, they also last much longer than the traditional lighting options, such as a lifespan that is about 10 times more than fluorescent or halogen lighting options. This means that there would be less risk for security problems because the light better illuminates a space.

When it comes to shopping for LED flood lights, Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd recommends following the below tops to help you choose the perfect LED flood lights that meet your needs.

  1. Decide When Illumination Is Needed and Where

First of all, it is important to consider when you need illumination and where. Determine the type of fixture to select. When would the light be needed? Would it be needed during the night as the sun sets until it rises again? In such a case, dusk-to-dawn flood lights should be considered. For indoor purposes such as car parks, always-on lighting would be required. Consider the needs in order to choose the right lamp type and fixture.

  1. Decide the Right Size

The right size for the LED flood lights needs to be chosen depending on the needs of the individual. A great thing about LED flood lights such as the ones offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd is that they come in various size options. If the existing lighting is sufficient, choose the equivalent power. However, upgrade according to the need for a bit more or less light.

  1. Ensure That the LED Lamps Follow the Right Safety Features

It is important to consider the right safety features. For instance, one might wish to have a lamp that has surge protection that is included, or opt for one that offers protection against the splashing water or dust infiltration. The safety features would keep the property protected and help ensure that the bulbs are ready to be used.

  1. Read Customer Reviews

Finally, it is recommended to read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of LED flood lights offered by the company. The thing about customer reviews is that they require you to read a few of them and not just rely on one. Chances are that the reviews would provide you with a clear idea of what to expect from the company that you buy from.


Why LED Outdoor Lighting Will Continue To Be More Popular?

When light bulbs are mentioned, the lights in your home, flickering fluorescent lights in the office of above the vanity might come in mind. Yet outdoor lighting is very important and we rely on it heavily to brighten the streets or sidewalks at night and illuminate the path from the driveway all the way to the door.

LED outdoor lighting has become extremely popular and only continues to gain popularity. It uses motion sensor security to help keep people safe at night. When it comes to safety, outdoor lighting is vital whether one is on the road driving or walking towards their home. However, most of the outdoor lights are noisy, yellow and dull. The constant humming of the general outdoor lighting can be extremely frustrating. This is why LED outdoor lighting is the better alternative and continues to be more popular.

Why LED Outdoor Lighting is perfect for outside?

There are a number of reasons why LED outdoor lighting is the perfect choice for the outdoors. LED outdoor lighting offers many benefits.

  • Brighter Light: The LED outdoor lighting offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd is of a brighter white as compared to the traditional halide street lamp, and it helps better illuminate the parking lots, sidewalks and streets.
  • Longer Life: The LEDs provided by SR lighting last up to 50,000 hours which is more than enough for the outdoors. That is about 25 years of lighting. They offer less burnt out street lights.
  • Energy Savings: The LED outdoor lighting has more lumens per watt which means that they shine brighter than the incandescent or halide lights while using much less energy at the same time.
  • Instant On: Traditional lighting is known for taking time to switch on and heating up. They provide to be difficult when being used in outdoor lighting environments and the cold. While on the other hand, LED outdoor lights need less heat to function and always instantly switch on, even when it is below freezing.
  • Durability: LEDs are manufactured using durable materials like plastic and not glass. Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd LED outdoor lighting can easily handle the harshest of weather conditions much better than the traditional bulbs.
  • Flexibility: LED outdoor lighting offering by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd comes in various forms, and with motion sensor security lights, wall mounted fixtures, street-lighting options and much more.


The above reasons perfectly sum up why LED outdoor lighting will only continue to become more popular. In the near future, it is expected that more and more cities would make use of LED outdoor lighting options such as the ones offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd. They are the ultimate security lights and streetlights.

Although, LED outdoor lighting can be a bit more expensive as compared to the traditional outdoor lighting options, it still offers more energy savings and improves the overall safety of the surrounding area.

Why Should You Buy LED Flood Lights

LED Flood lights have become all the rage. When owning a business, saving money and reducing costs is at the top of the mind. However, figuring out how to do this can be quite frustrating. Even though, inventory and labor might be the first things to cross one’s mind, there are small details which should be considered like lighting.

In the world of today, energy efficiency has slowly permeated which is why it is important to make the switch to a more energy efficient item. Not only would one be assisting with protecting the environment around them, but they would also be making a wiser financial decision for their business.

Switching the outdoor lighting to LED flood lights is the right choice from just about every point of view. You don’t just save money, but help the environment and create an appealing look for the business while attracting more customers at the same time. LED flood lights offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd are simply some of the best. Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase LED flood lights by SR Lighting.

Last Longer

Business lighting is meant for being used for the entire day and night unlike the lighting at a home. This puts a lot of strain on the traditional bulbs used and shortens the lifespan. Constant running of the fixtures may cause the lumen output to depreciate at a faster speed even if they are not turned on or off as compared to the frequency found in a home.

Longevity and reliability are two purposes that the LEDs by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd are built for, even if they are constantly being run. SR Lighting reaches a life of more than 50,000 hours which is a long time and they depreciate slowly as compared to other lightings.

Produces Less Heat

One of the most noticeable problems that CFL or traditional incandescent bulbs have is they produce heat which can even become a safety hazard at times. If the fixtures are near the walkways or seating areas, the heat would put off the fixture and they could become dangerous, such as in case they get touched accidentally. LED floodlights by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd on the other hand, do not put off as much heat and are designed to run at a very cool temperature and help dissipate the heat output.


Toxic chemicals are used for creating CFL and incandescent bulbs and when it is time to discard these after the short life they offer, it would be difficult to dispose them. The toxins and pollutants that are used in the traditional bulbs prevent them from being efficiently disposed, while, the LEDs are 100% recyclable.

Energy Cost Savings

One thing is for sure and that is the fact that cost plays a huge rule when making business decisions. When you switch to LED flood lights, the wattage consumed would almost be cut in half and when multiple fixtures use these, a substantial amount of savings can be achieved.

Why You Should Buy LED Flood Lights Over Conventional Flood Lights?

There is a reason why people have started to switch from conventional flood lights to LED flood lights. Commercial spaces and other spaces in general are making the change due to the fact that LED flood lights need less electricity to function, provide better luminosity and even have a longer life as compared to conventional flood lights.

There are many other reasons why people are choosing LED flood lights over traditional incandescent light sources. This post looks at the advantages of LED flood lights and explains why one should choose LEDs for lighting up their commercial spaces.

  1. Cost Effective

These days, Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd LED flood lights are being used extensively for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of these lights. The truth is that LED lights simply require less electricity whereas, provide better brightness as compared incandescent sources. Furthermore, LED flood lights give off less heat, this helps reduce the air-conditioner bills.

  1. Have a Longer Lifespan

Unlike conventional flood lights, Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd LED flood lights are much longer-lasting. On an average, LED flood lights are well-known to be able to last for up to ten times longer as compared to the usual lighting. They have a lifespan that lasts a period of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, whereas the lifespan for traditional flood lights is anywhere between 1,000 to 30,000 hours which is significantly less.

Another benefit of the SR lighting LED flood lights is the fact that they don’t burn out suddenly. This makes replacing the lights for a commercial property hassle-free. When nearing their lifetime, an LED light would gradually begin to dim which provides users with ample time to replace it.

  1. More Health-Friendly

Fluorescent lights have traces of mercury within them as careless disposal of such bulbs or even accidentally breaking them would be a serious risk.

LED floodlights don’t contain any mercury and usually have a longer lifespan that means their disposal rate would be quite low. This makes LED flood lights both beneficial to health and the environment.

Besides, mercury is not the only concern. If the lights tend to flicker, then it might even lead to headaches and eye strain. While on the other hand, LED’s do not flicker and are normally pleasing for the eyes.

  1. Offer Better Visual Presentation

When renting the commercial property, potential tenants look for a place which looks clean and new, so that means the place needs to look both modern and inviting. In such a case, the affordable and easy solution would be using proper lighting. The white beam of the light emitted through the LED flood lights plays an active role for brightening up the space.

  1. No Heat, Noise, IR and UV Emissions

A great thing about LED floodlights is that they do not give off any harmful emissions. As compared to incandescent lights, which only convert about 10% of the power to visible light while the remaining is wasted on UV emissions heat, noise, and IR.

Why You Should Switch To Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights?

Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights are known for their sleek design. They have been designed for commercial and industrial applications such as riding halls, barns, billboard illumination and loading bays. The thin LED flood lights offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd range from 10W to 200W and are the ideal choice when it comes to most of the outdoor applications.

With their ultra slim design concept, SR lighting Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights provide 40-55mm thickness. It allows the luminaries to be installed into limited spaces. These classic, elegant and state of the art designed Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights are one of the most popular types of lights in the market.

With a fully die-casting aluminum alloy body, this ultra slim light provides excellent heat dissipation which also effectively prolongs its lifespan. Tempered glass is used for the flood lights and it allows it to be more durable and tough.

Innovative technology is used by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd which ensures that the flood lights are free of screw fixing and easy to assemble and maintain. They even come with an adjustable bracket that has fixed stainless steel screws which have protective covering. The tempered glass front has a high transparency rate a decent finishing around its light output area.

Furthermore, the internal driver is also protected from all types of weather conditions and it can be accessed easily for maintenance purposes. Here are some of the common features which lead to people switching to the Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd.

  • Dimmable versions are available such as DALI dimmable.
  • The flood lights are made to IP65 and this ensures that they are weatherproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion which make them perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • The curve technology of the Ultra Slim LED flood lights allows high efficiency lighting distribution so as to optimize light effects.
  • The adjustable bracket offers multi-direction fastening.
  • The unique breather device of the lights has a waterproof air vent which effectively allows dissipate heat out and avoids condensation from occurring.
  • High brightness can be achieved.
  • Excellent thermal management is offered by the flood lights due to the high strength die-casting aluminum body.
  • The design is thin and sleek, as well as light weight.
  • Power range options from 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 80W, 100W, 150W and 200W are available.


The above reasons perfectly explain why people have started to switch to Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights such as the ones offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd. They have a classic and fashionable design that looks very professional at the same time. The special optic design of the lights allows for the light output to increase by up to 50% and offers more energy savings. The flood lights can even be near the sea as they are salt sprayed. Choose Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights to take advantage of technology.