Why You Should Buy LED Flood Lights Over Conventional Flood Lights?

There is a reason why people have started to switch from conventional flood lights to LED flood lights. Commercial spaces and other spaces in general are making the change due to the fact that LED flood lights need less electricity to function, provide better luminosity and even have a longer life as compared to conventional flood lights.

There are many other reasons why people are choosing LED flood lights over traditional incandescent light sources. This post looks at the advantages of LED flood lights and explains why one should choose LEDs for lighting up their commercial spaces.

  1. Cost Effective

These days, Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd LED flood lights are being used extensively for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of these lights. The truth is that LED lights simply require less electricity whereas, provide better brightness as compared incandescent sources. Furthermore, LED flood lights give off less heat, this helps reduce the air-conditioner bills.

  1. Have a Longer Lifespan

Unlike conventional flood lights, Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd LED flood lights are much longer-lasting. On an average, LED flood lights are well-known to be able to last for up to ten times longer as compared to the usual lighting. They have a lifespan that lasts a period of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, whereas the lifespan for traditional flood lights is anywhere between 1,000 to 30,000 hours which is significantly less.

Another benefit of the SR lighting LED flood lights is the fact that they don’t burn out suddenly. This makes replacing the lights for a commercial property hassle-free. When nearing their lifetime, an LED light would gradually begin to dim which provides users with ample time to replace it.

  1. More Health-Friendly

Fluorescent lights have traces of mercury within them as careless disposal of such bulbs or even accidentally breaking them would be a serious risk.

LED floodlights don’t contain any mercury and usually have a longer lifespan that means their disposal rate would be quite low. This makes LED flood lights both beneficial to health and the environment.

Besides, mercury is not the only concern. If the lights tend to flicker, then it might even lead to headaches and eye strain. While on the other hand, LED’s do not flicker and are normally pleasing for the eyes.

  1. Offer Better Visual Presentation

When renting the commercial property, potential tenants look for a place which looks clean and new, so that means the place needs to look both modern and inviting. In such a case, the affordable and easy solution would be using proper lighting. The white beam of the light emitted through the LED flood lights plays an active role for brightening up the space.

  1. No Heat, Noise, IR and UV Emissions

A great thing about LED floodlights is that they do not give off any harmful emissions. As compared to incandescent lights, which only convert about 10% of the power to visible light while the remaining is wasted on UV emissions heat, noise, and IR.

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