Why You Should Switch To Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights?

Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights are known for their sleek design. They have been designed for commercial and industrial applications such as riding halls, barns, billboard illumination and loading bays. The thin LED flood lights offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd range from 10W to 200W and are the ideal choice when it comes to most of the outdoor applications.

With their ultra slim design concept, SR lighting Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights provide 40-55mm thickness. It allows the luminaries to be installed into limited spaces. These classic, elegant and state of the art designed Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights are one of the most popular types of lights in the market.

With a fully die-casting aluminum alloy body, this ultra slim light provides excellent heat dissipation which also effectively prolongs its lifespan. Tempered glass is used for the flood lights and it allows it to be more durable and tough.

Innovative technology is used by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd which ensures that the flood lights are free of screw fixing and easy to assemble and maintain. They even come with an adjustable bracket that has fixed stainless steel screws which have protective covering. The tempered glass front has a high transparency rate a decent finishing around its light output area.

Furthermore, the internal driver is also protected from all types of weather conditions and it can be accessed easily for maintenance purposes. Here are some of the common features which lead to people switching to the Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd.

  • Dimmable versions are available such as DALI dimmable.
  • The flood lights are made to IP65 and this ensures that they are weatherproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion which make them perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • The curve technology of the Ultra Slim LED flood lights allows high efficiency lighting distribution so as to optimize light effects.
  • The adjustable bracket offers multi-direction fastening.
  • The unique breather device of the lights has a waterproof air vent which effectively allows dissipate heat out and avoids condensation from occurring.
  • High brightness can be achieved.
  • Excellent thermal management is offered by the flood lights due to the high strength die-casting aluminum body.
  • The design is thin and sleek, as well as light weight.
  • Power range options from 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 80W, 100W, 150W and 200W are available.


The above reasons perfectly explain why people have started to switch to Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights such as the ones offered by Wenzhou SR Lighting Co. Ltd. They have a classic and fashionable design that looks very professional at the same time. The special optic design of the lights allows for the light output to increase by up to 50% and offers more energy savings. The flood lights can even be near the sea as they are salt sprayed. Choose Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights to take advantage of technology.

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